No laughing high school HD subtitles (need translator)

EDIT: Typesetting is now complete, and the project has been handed over to Tofu Panda.

I’m currently re-timing the subtitles for the no laughing high school batsu game. So far I have the entire subs from the tv release timed up, checked over, and ready to go. However I have 2 problems… The blu-ray version includes extra scenes that aren’t in either the tv release, nor the unseen footage. I will need a translator to help me with these parts. I added it up and there are just under 14 minutes of footage that I will need translating.

One other thing, I can’t seem to find the subtitle file for the unseen footage anywhere. If someone could send me that it would speed things up a HUGE amount since the blu-ray edit has the unseen footage edited in.

Reddit post: ... ip_need_a/

This is the first time I’ve made subtitles, so any help would be much appreciated! ^,^

heey man, any news of your progress ??

[quote="Shadi":2izr87go]heey man, any news of your progress ??[/quote:2izr87go]

It sort of went in limbo for a while cause there was some interest in completely re-subbing the entire Batsu but then things got in the way. So it seems like the complete resub might not happen. Instead, it’ll just be mainly the old sub re-adapted to the new HD video source. Most of the patch work is done, whats mainly left is typechecking. So hopefully it’ll be ready not too long from now.

btw, I was one of the original team that worked on this segment, and I also done the "unseen footage" with the help of [b:1cjsr9vt]Zurui[/b:1cjsr9vt], like you said, it’s better to use the already finished material to add into your HD version, which can save a lot of time and effort, can’t wait to see the final version!

It has been a few months so just asking - how’s this one coming along?