No-Laughing Highschool Extra Footage (Subbed)


first I would like to thank [b:28czv1r8]BloodyMoogle[/b:28czv1r8] for his awesome finding of this RAW video, thanks man!

and I would like to thank [b:28czv1r8]Zurui[/b:28czv1r8] for Helping me finishing the Subs, thanks a lot man I really appriciate it :)

here’s the download links to the Videos
Part 1 [url:28czv1r8][/url:28czv1r8]
Part 2

and here’s the Subs

or you can watch it directly at Veoh ... 232wcNWnr5

Hope you enjoy

More Batsu game is always good, thanks for subbing !

Here is the Veoh link. ... 232wcNWnr5

Both of you are made of awesome :inlove:

Awesome footage, i loved the ending :D

Thanks alot for subbing!

Woo-hoo thanks alot!

Thank you very much Shadi and Zurui!!. Awesome sub as always :D

thx a lot for this

off to the next project…No laughing in Yugawara ;)

[quote="ShadiHD":3nzzwsq4]off to the next project…No laughing in Yugawara ;)[/quote:3nzzwsq4]

Most effective way to shut that yugawara request thread up ;)

yea, you can also tell everyone that ME & Zurui will work on it.

thanks so much.

The subtitles didnt work :(
i opened the regular windows media and then added the subs in but they didnt ppear, same with VLC

i even burned the file into a dvd including the subs in its proper place but they never appeard (the option on the menu was there and available but when i clicked on the english subs they never showd) :(

Awesome! Thank you!

it hard for me to download something, my country block megaupload, filetube, piratebay… ect
can anyone help? :(


Thanks a lot for upoading and all the work __

Can’t get the subtitles because of megaupload shutdown, can someone upload it somewhere else ? I’d really appreciate it.

can someone upload this to MF please =( all links are dead