No-Laughing Onsen Yugawara (2004) Bluray + Bonus

Onsen 2 bluray version with retrospective and pre-batsu !

  • No-Laughing Onsen Yugawara (english and french subs)
  • Pre-batsu game Wasabi Sushi Russian Roulette (nosub)
  • Retrospective (nosub)

Torrent :

Thanks so much for your bluray releases and including the extras as well!

Will you be releasing the compressed version for 24 hr tag, onsen, and yugawara?

Taking so much time and makes my computer very hot while encoding, actually it’s 33°c at home :sweat: so i’m not sure i’ll doing it. But you can easly do it.
If you are not advanced i recommand h.264, 2 pass, 8mbps target, 16mpbs max. I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro / Adobe Media Encoder, there is a preset for h.264 bluray so you can keep interlacing (59.94fps).

First of all, thank you very much Thimble for all of the high quality older’s batsu game!

Are you planning to do the 2008 Newspaper agency at some point? To my knowledge there should be bluray available for that as well, right? I’ve been searching high and low for those files but I have not found any… If you do not have time or processing power to encode/remux the files then I can do it for you, if you send me the raw files (and tell me the settings, since I’m total novice about video encoding)

Trop cool en blu-ray et avec les sous-titres bravo je voulais savoir si c’était possible d’avoir les Silent Library en nosub ou avec les Srt Fr ? merci