No laughing police music question

I’ve been trying to find this song when Matsumoto and Tanaka are leaving and waving, it was also played in the Stalking Tanaka skit at the end where Tanaka was shot.

Closest I’ve been able to find is this;

its the very first song, but I can’t find the name or the original version :(

Any help would be appreciated :)


Are you talking about this ?
It’s the main theme from "Taiyou ni Hoero !!" (Tv drama) :)

Or in English, "Bark at the Sun." It was quite a popular detective drama, during that boom in the 70s.

Yeah it looks like the music is from Bark at the Sun but I’ve not been able to find the one that was played at the very beginning of the youtube clip I posted in the first post :(

This ?

Or maybe this ?
I’m not sure, but I think this is the version you’re looking for.

Thanks Hotarubi! Been looking forever :clap: !

Greetings all fans of Gaki No Tsukai. I am searching for the song when hamada, Endo and Yamasaki went through the "extreme driving technique experience", please help and an early thank you for those who help. :)