No laughing - Police station

Can i request of a subtitled script for 2006’s no laughing batsu game? Thanks!

[quote:11oytnp0][i:11oytnp0]Originally posted by Kanzaki[/i:11oytnp0]
The subtitles are on the way.
They are being made by ShibataBread. You can watch a subtitled streamed version on his Youtube channel while waiting for the subtitle file to be released.[/quote:11oytnp0]

I will also make an topic in the work in process section to help any more misconception about the subs.

i know that this is a bit late, becuase i JUST registered, but the police station is already subbed, and it was subbed by the great Shibatabread. Here’s the link to it! enjoy


yes but i want the sub file to make a hardsub video of my own… :(

It’s not done yet, you can’t have something that isn’t done :P

Am i right that Police station isn’t fully translated? There will be more than 13 part yes?

Yes, according to his blog, Shibatabread will sub the remainig part after his trip to japan.

The softsubs will be posted after all work is done.