No Laughting High School Sub Issue

Hi Everyone. I’ve successfully DL both avi and .ass sub file from here. I checked for update for VLC player and it said that I already have the most updated version. When I play the video, every color coded sub plays well. However, the while one don’t show up properly. Please take a look at the attached picture.

If there is any suggestions from anyone, it would be mostly appreciated.

Thanks for the help

well the green there is just a sound effect to show that yamasaki is laughing. there is a lot of stuff like that. like in your picture, it just says fufufufufufufufu. other than that, as long as both files have the same name, you shouldn’t have any problems. Is it doing this during major dialog?

also, this is just personal preference, but media player classic works better for me than vlc.

Thanks for your suggestion awinick. I try that on window media player and everything works perfect. Thank you very much~!