Nujabes... R.I.P.

I hope I’m not the only one in here that listens to Nujabes.

If you’ve followed anime, and watched Samurai Champloo, you’ve probably heard some of this tracks.

It’s sad that he passed away at age 36. There’s so much music he could have made, so many things he could have done.

Anyways in remembrance to Jun Seba, share your feelings or just a favorite track of his you’ve listened to.

I’ve got to say that Feather is one of my favorites. The Piano hook is amazing. The lyrical content by Cise Star & Akin fit well.

Thanks for the music, Nujabes.

Samurai Champloo has been one of the few permanent favourite anime of mine. That’s how I discovered Nujabes.

My favourite from them is Hiji Suru Style. I just love the beat.

RIP Nujabes.

I heard it from a friend yesterday. Really sad news.

Such a genius in music isn’t allowed to just disappear from this world… Rest in peace:(

I loved most of his tracks. My favorite would be Feather.

RIP Nujabes :(

You guys were right. Feather is a great piece :flowers:

Its crazy because I actually have been watching Samurai Champloo for about a month now and I learned of his death last week. He made really good beats and is pretty much the J Dilla of Japan.

Wait-WHAAAAAAAAAAT!!! No waaaaay!!! I have the entire Samurai Champloo soundtrack and I am a huge fan of Nujabes’ work! I had no idea!!! This is such a downer…

To choose a favorite is difficult…Aruarian Dance is a lovely song. Awwww man, I’m so bummed now :(!

R.I.P. Jun Seba!