oh my god!! heeloooo..

let me start … with oh my god !!!
im so happy i found this forum, i love downtown so much but its really hard to find the subbed videos… and i wast just browsing for hey hey hey hoping there’s new one and found this forum … im so happy, this is definately made my day … :)
thank you so much … downtown daisuki !!! :)

I agree.
The people that sub these movies and clips should be extremely proud of what they do.
Personally, whenever another project is complete, it makes my day.
Please continue!
(Let’s make this a post where we thank the subbers for all the good work, both from the past, and in the future.)

welcome to the forums buddy, hope you enjoy your stay here ;)

Welcome! And yes, there is plenty of subbed videos here.

YOu`ll never get bored again. :geek: Though u will never be able to leave.