Gaki no Tsukai; Absolutely Tasty; Mochi. I’ve seen it spelled both ways, so yeah. This is probably my favorite one. Especially when Endou tries to help with making the mochi but fails miserably.

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The “O” at the beginning of some words shows respect to that thing, in the Japanese languages. Noble and important things have “O” at their beginning.

For example, tea is “cha” in Japanese but we say “Ocha”.

Same for money: “kane”. It is spelled and written “Okane”





Yumeh :D

Oh. Thanks for the explanation. I’m Korean, so I don’t understand honorifics in Japanese. It seems really different… :l

Again my Japanese is very basic, but I’ll try from experience.

[i:1yuvcl7g]- Soba mochi served with dashi[/i:1yuvcl7g]
[i:1yuvcl7g]- Century Old Egg[/i:1yuvcl7g](Its delicious, good with rice and congee. Takes some getting used to because its very intense and it stinks) :)

[i:1yuvcl7g]- Fried crickets + soju[/i:1yuvcl7g](Korean rice wine, similar to sake) [i:1yuvcl7g]mochi[/i:1yuvcl7g]
[i:1yuvcl7g]- Frisk mochi![/i:1yuvcl7g]

[i:1yuvcl7g]- Habanero potato rings mochi[/i:1yuvcl7g]
[i:1yuvcl7g]- Natto, okra, tororo mochi[/i:1yuvcl7g](Made from grated yamaino, a type of yam)
I eat it often in soups and its suppose to be very healthy, but its almost flavorless. Theres a dried and the more expensive fresh version, Id prefer the fresh root. :D

[i:1yuvcl7g]- Sashimi mochi[/i:1yuvcl7g](That just sounds unappetizing)
[i:1yuvcl7g]- Ochazuke mochi[/i:1yuvcl7g](Pickled vegetables/fruits, seaweed, dried fish,etc served with tea, water or dashi)

[i:1yuvcl7g]- Candy Apple mochi

  • Pop Rocks mochi
  • Wedding cake mochi with the cake topper[/i:1yuvcl7g]

@Bunkie: Thx for the ingredientlistings

thanks a lot for the upload and ingredients guys c:

Endo looks like hes been punched in the face!
the crickets really made me gag

I’ve now tried omochi. It’s fucking horrible.

Gaki no Tsukai Episode 760
Aired on 2005, June the 5th.

The 5th Zettai Oishi (Absolutely Tasty) with the theme of Omochi (a sort of rice cake). I especially like this episode more than the other Zettai Oishi episodes. And for once, Matsumoto’s special surprise ingrediant is actually good.


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