Oogiri Daigassen #08 from 06.29.9 The Ass Game Subbed

Hi guys,now i will present to you my third video that i subbed:

Title : Oogiri Daigassen #08 The Ass Game Episode (V1.0 - I set this because we will update this subbed video for some fix :P )
Time : 10:24 (Some of them were cutted,i could make it full but need someone to help me :) )
SubbeD : Murut87 + Theuploader3001 (From Youtube)
Raw Provider : SpikeBender
Timer/Editor : Murut87 (Using Windows Live Movie Maker)

Here`s the link: (125MB) :)


(Version 1.0)

There some 1 Missing Translation that i put there because i don`t know WTH are they saying so if you know what it is,let me know and i fix it ASAP! :call: :rock:

Thank you so much for uploading this !!

– 28.11.2011, 16:17 –

Thank you so much for uploading this !!

Thank you!

The file hosting service is a bit slow tho, 1hour till download completion but still nice post!