paper stop motion anime related video I made

Anyone ever seen the anime K-on? It’s about some girls in a band, anyways I made a stop motion vid of their first concert a couple months ago, you should watch the original in order to fully appreciate my shameless plug :)


my video

did u made all those drawings/sketches?

This is amazing Kyon! how did you do this? and how long did it take you to finish it? really amazing Kyon! two thumbs up

thanks! yeah, I made it all myself, I drew a bunch of pictures, cut them out, stuck paperclips to them, and took pictures of them with a digital camera and used some software to put it all together, took me over a week of doing almost nothing but working on it.

This is fantastic! Stop motion seems to be getting popular these days and I can’t argue because they’re like live art to me and I love them.

Great work :D

thanks :) I wanted to make more but I got so burnt out on them that I didn’t want to see another piece of paper again ever. Even months later I cringe at the thought of loading my printer.

You might appreciate this one iniquiti, the next animation I was planning on making was cat related. I was going to use the song “neko nikki” (cat diary) (look it up, it’s a cute song) and have an animated cat napping and playing. The first couple lines of “neko nikki” translated are:

Wednesday, (Good morning), no matter what the month or date is, it’s sunny
Light has a light blue scent
In the cat’s diary
The number of times it took a nap is written there

So, yeah, I also have a soft spot for nekos, too bad I never got around to making it, I couldn’t get my cat drawings to look ‘cute’ enough anyways.

Awesome work Kyon! Couldn’t do it myself (I wouldn’t even survive taking a week time working on it), but you did it with such a great result!!

Would love to see a new project:)

Damn, now that’s what I call dedication!

I did stop-motion once, hated it!!! Very tedious and frustrating, so respect for having the patience to make a vid like this!

Very nicely done, looking forward to see your new project! :D

Wow, this is incredible! As someone who’s seen the actual series, I can really appreciate it. Nice, Kyon!

Love seeing it again and again :D

You did a very good job on this! Cant imagine how much work it was…
My Respect!