Picture of you.

Want to share a photo of yourself? Give other forum members a peek at who they are chatting about Gaki with and post it here.

This is me. :-D

That’s a face of a true Gaki fan!

Contributing ever so reluctantly!


cute picture. What ya lookin at?

Dirt and cobwebs from the ceiling, ahaha. I usually get my picture taken at the wrong time and position…

Played around with photoshop at that day :)


well done, it looks like u are popping out of the picture:D

Ohh, the DoF is made by the camera :)

Here i go!! Thats me when they told me about this site:


And this i me playing with some of my friends and photoshop (I started to use it today so… Sorry about the “very fake” effects… But i think it’s still funny :D


Hajimemashite Minna san!!! =)

ahaha! The second pic is hilarious xD I love that episode and still crack up every time I rewind and repeat it to the ‘ass’ part :D


and me a little happier

the little kid on my back is my nephew then its my sister in law and some random girl


First post here! =D
This is me >_<


im the one on the right. rocking the bright red lipstick. sorry if my paleness blinds you, lol the sun doesnt like me.


hi all, thats me


… ummm… I don’t know how to delete a post… anyways my old pic has been deleted, I’m uploading a new photo here… be sure to check me out ^^


yea sunburn =/

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thanks , Didn’t actually see it, I did search for it though

<------- This is me~ yeah~ im chinese + indian~ 8)

photoshopped :P
yep, totally in love with Endo :D :D :D