Gaki no Tsukai; Absolutely Tasty; Pizza.
Episode #696 (2004.02.22)

No comments for this one, except that Endou uses Frisk of course.

Length: 24:29
Size: 214 MB
Subs: None

Link: [url:7ak3mw1d][/url:7ak3mw1d]

Hmm Pizza :D

Thanks have to watch it. I think i dont know this one.

It’s a good one. Probably some of the best ingredients ever.


Endo doesn`t get it. Frisk is not suitable for cooking XD

awww… downloaded it without noticing that there’re no subs T___T

Doumo Arigatou Gozaimashita bows to tuna head

So that pig’s face was probably the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a while xD. Does anyone have the full ingredient list? A lot of these looked really good!

Tanaka’s 2nd pizza looked yummy! :D

My Japanese comprehension is totally limited, just based off of stuff Ive eaten or seen often. :)

[i:2zq6ncj2]Sake kasu[/i:2zq6ncj2](Yeast in the form of paste, left over from making sake) and [i:2zq6ncj2]anchovies[/i:2zq6ncj2]
[i:2zq6ncj2]Ice cream daifuku[/i:2zq6ncj2] Thanks for the corrections!

No idea, but it lacked flavor
[i:2zq6ncj2]Frisk mints[/i:2zq6ncj2]

[i:2zq6ncj2]Soba noodles, tomato, cucumbers, egg and ham[/i:2zq6ncj2]
[i:2zq6ncj2]Watagashi[/i:2zq6ncj2] = Cotton candy

[i:2zq6ncj2]Hotpot ingredients[/i:2zq6ncj2] - Tofu, beef, shirataki noodles(Yam noodles, eat it often with hot pot, no flavor at all), some other stuff and the broth
[i:2zq6ncj2]Tamago kake gohan[/i:2zq6ncj2] - Raw egg mixed in rice

Some type of sauce/condiment that is good with rice
[i:2zq6ncj2]Skin of pig’s head/face
Huge tuna head[/i:2zq6ncj2]

Further corrections below.

Bunkie if you don’t mind, I’ll make a couple of corrections here. ;)

Tanaka’s 2nd pizza used yukimi daifuku. It has ice cream in the middle.

Endou’s first pizza was pufferfish sashimi (tessa), ponzu sauce, and grated daikon.

Yamazaki’s soba pizza is a dish called hiyashi chuka, eaten usually only in the summer.

Matsumoto’s 1st pizza has Gohan desu yo! It’s a seaweed jelly/paste.

Ohh, I wasnt sure of the daifuku. Thanks :)

Very nice show.

the ending was great~

who got the highest scores?


Is this subbed and can it be played on the psp?

not subbed but anything can be played on the psp unless you don’t know how

Oh, thanks man I appreciate it.

This is offtopic, but I won’t open a topic just to ask this
What is Frisk?