Play Pirate Game, Get Thai Kick

In these clips, the Gaki boys plus Ameagari play the little pirate game from the Police Batsu Game. If the pirate is sent flying, the person gets a Thai kick. Enjoy.


This should be put in “Chinko Machine” sub forum, since it’s from their formerly annual Ogiri Daigaksen.

Anyway, that sub-forum should change its name to either “Ogiri Daigaksen” or “Gaki Team vs. Tenso Team”.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh my goodness, the second game was the most EPIC game I have ever seen! Man, I never knew I’d laugh so hard at this one even while I don’t understand most words being said! LOL!

Haha no matter what Macchan tries, he’s gonna but thai kicked :D

I loved the replay at the end :D:smiley:

this was soooo perfect. what are the odds. and what a terrible feeling knowing the inevitable Thai kick for Matsumoto… hahaha!!! :lol: