Please read before posting


For the sake of keeping things organized, I will ask you to [size=134:2pwdmcbt][b:2pwdmcbt][color=red:2pwdmcbt]NOT post any link to the videos[/color:2pwdmcbt][/b:2pwdmcbt][/size:2pwdmcbt] themselves in this category.

This category has been made for subtitles only. You can make a thread in [url=]this category[/url:2pwdmcbt] and put your video-links in it, then redirect your readers to it if they want to download them.

Videos with hardsub (subtitled incrusted in it) will [b:2pwdmcbt]not[/b:2pwdmcbt] be allowed in this section. Please put them in the Video category.

Thanks for your comprehension ;)

Dead link^