Pls subbed Ashita Ga Aru sa

its a tv series of them. i already watch the 1st episode and its quite good. really like it and would love to see the rest episode. :inlove:
i hope this request is not too burdening.
thx u all subber :)


woa thx alot for ur reply… ;)

hey guys i already downloaded the whole series w/o subs is there anyway someone could send me the subs for episodes 1 to 4?

i would love to watch the show with subs but can’t find any for it. I am using VLC so if any one has it as in ASS file i would really appreciated it. Thank you subs donor and workers.

there is subs for this until the episode 6, but I want to see all the episodes subbed… I think when they finish the translate of airport batsu game they will star to sub ashita ga aru sa again. Well I hope so õ_õ

here is the link: … drama.html