Police batsu

Hello, I recently downloaded the police batsu raw and i need the subs…however, all the links of the police subs i found on this forum is not valid.
Can someone pls kindly post more mirrors and links? Thanks so much for all your help! I would appreciate it very much!

(i need police subs in one file)
(oh but if someone can teach me how to integrate two sub files into one, i won’t mind, cuz i actually haf part 1 sub and part 2 sub now, but my video file is only 1 file.)


Shibatbreads link to his Subfiles works


This subs are the “2-part” - subs for the 2-part police batsu files.

As far as I know, there will be no subs available to fit the raw-movie file.
It is told to fit / konvert / integrate the two subfiles into one, to be suitable to your raw file, is nearly impossible (because of the timing), although I never tried it.

If you open the subfiles with an editor you can see that there is a timeline for every “dialogue”, beginning at 0:00:00.

I think it will be possible to merge the contents simply using copy/paste the dialogue part from file 2 into file 1, but then the hard work begins:

Every dialogue-line-timing (of merged part 2 and maybe also of part 1) has to be amended to the raw-file timeline.

Pls remember, I am no subber, its only my opinion, maybe my whole statement is incorrect :shifty:

The subs here and on shibata’s site are for the DVD release (2 disks). As far as I know, there are no sub files for the original one-file TV airing. What alfred said is correct, it would be troublesome to try and merge the two sub files from the DVD version because the timing would be all wrong and the DVD version has extra scenes that were not aired on TV, so it wouldn’t make any sense.

laitammy, you should download the DVD version of the batsu.