Prison Hotel ☆ Naoki Tanaka~Cocorico ☆ Comedy Drama

Hello fellow Gaki no Tsukai friends,

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We have a special J-drama staring Naoki Tanaka (Cocorico) in a 10 episode series to share with you all.
Hanazawa Kazuma/Naoki Tanaka (Cocorico/Gaki-no-Tsukai member) has worked for the Crown Hotel Group, Japan’s leading hotel chain, for a loyal 25 year carrier.

He Finally receives his long-coveted title of General manager & triumphantly arrives at the hotel which he has been promoted. However, Hanzawa is welcomed by fierce-looking men & foreign workers. The hotel’s owner Kido Nakazo/Akira Emoto is Oyabun/big-shot yakuza title. All the guests are yakuza. It hits Hanazawa; the hotel is being run by Nakazo’s henchmen Asa hotel that caters to the needs of yakuza members who are not generally welcomed by hotels for group events. They are unable to enjoy the large communal baths (Onsen) along with other people due to the attention their tattoos attract. In fact, people call this place “Prison Hotel”.

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Please ENJOY the drama series and take care and happy summer!