Putting subs on a DVD to play on my TV

Ok, so I finally found an application that converts .AVI to DVD and burns them onto the disk and allows you to use the subtitle files. I tried the DVD on a Blu Ray player and an XBOX 360 and have the same problem:

The subtitles are in 10 “streams” and I can only select one at a time from my remote control. For example, if I press the subtitle button on my remote, it says English 1/10 and only shows the gray text when Fujiwara talks. If I scroll to English 10/10 on my remote, it only shows the pink text when Matsumoto talks. Is there a way to get them to all work at the same time on a DVD player?

If it makes a difference, I used the Police Batsu game and subs for it that are both found on the forums.

I suck at computers, so I’m sure it’s a simple fix. Any help would be appreciated.

Maybe the players don’t support the multiple formatings. If you open the sub file you see, that the persons have their own formatting and colors. I think if you delete the formatings it will all be default white. You should give it a try. I never tried that.

That sounds like a good idea. How do I edit a subtitle file? Is there a specific app I need?

[quote:9qogjbh8][i:9qogjbh8]Originally posted by Loftin[/i:9qogjbh8]
That sounds like a good idea. How do I edit a subtitle file? Is there a specific app I need?[/quote:9qogjbh8]

Try Aegisub. You’ll find tutorials and guides all over the Web ;)



  1. [url:3qd9qin4]http://www.videohelp.com/tools/XviD4PSP[/url:3qd9qin4] u need to hard encode it before burning the point 1 is for srt etc i am not sure if the guide works with .ass file too. thats why u can use this too to add the subs permanent to the video.


also a very useful topic

Thanks a lot guys. I’ll try to hardsub it myself tomorrow when I have time using the guides. That should fix it.

This site is awesome. I discovered batsu games on Youtube only a few months ago, and not only did I find a place to download all of them in high quality with subs, but also a helpful community willing to give advice for putting these on DVD.

[quote:1n6t71d4][i:1n6t71d4]Originally posted by Senkun[/i:1n6t71d4]
3. [url:1n6t71d4]http://xvid4psp.en.softonic.com/[/url:1n6t71d4] u need to hard encode it before burning the point 1 is for srt etc i am not sure if the guide works with .ass file too. thats why u can use this too to add the subs permanent to the video.

Think we could get a guide for this part?

what u need to know? u go on the site [url:2hpt26ru]http://www.videohelp.com/tools/XviD4PSP[/url:2hpt26ru] u download framework and xvid4psp install both.

u start the program. load the video file. then u go up to the navigation and select subtitle. load the ass or srt file. then after that u do the settings what kind of format u want to use. then u start the encode. which can take few hours.

Might take a look at those sites.





that should be enough to understand how to use the program.

OK that should help. I tried using ConvertXtoDVD and it didn’t work out so I hope I have better luck with this.

Originally , I tried just adding the subs on ConvertXtoDVD. The problem was that it saved them as 10 separate streams, and therefore it was impossible to see all 10 streams at once.

Download XViD4PSP 5.0, add the subtitles to the video and save it as one .AVI file. This creates a hard-subbed video, which greatly simplifies the process of making a subbed DVD.

After doing that, you can use any “convert to DVD” program and it should work fine. ConvertXtoDVD is the one I prefer because it actually works on any player (tested on DVD/VCR combo, XBOX 360, and Blu-Ray player).

Hope that helps…

…and one warning about XViD4PSP: it is a long process. I made the police batsu into a single, hard subbed file. In order to do that, I had to take part 1 and add the subtitles, then re-save the file (this took about 6 hours to finish). I did the same thing for part 2 (another 6 hours). Then I joined the 2 parts and saved them as one video (another 6 hours).

This process was long and I just did each step before going to bed or before going to work.

One thing I did was have my PS3 run the files. It did this with amazing results. I was able to watch all my batsu games on the big tv. I don’t know if the Xbox360 can do this though.

You know, I was using ConvertxtoDVD and it showed all those streams as well. I just downloaded that one program XviD4PSP and that other program and none of these videos will load.

Okay I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

Good news: XViD4PSP 5.0 works as it’s supposed to. I’m currently encoding the .avi file of the hospital one with hardsubs and seems to have loaded before I encoded it.

Bad news: This program will not load the .ass subfiles onto the video. Reason is because there are too many streams. .srt sub files will work. This sucks because I really wanted to have colored subs on the video files.

I’m not a fan of hardsubbed videos because some subs don’t fit fully on the screen when converting to playback for a dvd. Soft subs can be messed around with in the program making it easier. Over all, this would be a cool program if it made these colored .ass subtitle files into hardsubs for these videos. If anyone has done this, let me know because I couldn’t get them to load at all.

@ Loftin: Did you have any trouble with the AviSynth when using XviD4PSP? For some reason, anytime I go to open the video files, it tells me I need to update the AviSynth to 2.57 or higher…

Any help would be appreciated as I am not the most computer saavy person out there lol.

It’s good to know that there is a better way of editing subtitles because I usually edit subtitles using notepad. And HONESTLY, it tis tiresome. Then I can say shame on me to stick to it and never google on a better way to do it! :tmi: