Quick question about subtitles.

First I want to thank everyone who is subtitling all the videos. Everyone’s work is awesome. But I do have a question about them. I’m not a subber at all. I’ve tried to do subbing on an anime before and I just have no experience in it though, I have a lot of experience in is making custom dvds.

The thing is that when I go put any of these video and subtitle files into the program I use, it shows a ton of streams for the subs when its supposed to only show one.

For example: There would be one subtitle file loaded and it would show 9 streams.
These 9 streams for a dvd would show as 9 separate subtitles (You know on a dvd where it would be like English, Spanish, Chinese ect., it’d show these 9 streams as options) throughout playback, meaning that the one subtitle file would not play correctly. In otherwords, you’d have to hit the subtitle button on your dvd remote 1-9 times during playback to get the right subs showing at the right time. It’s even possible that one of those streams has all the subtitles but from past experience, I know the subs are all split up throughout all those streams.

Can someone explain why there are so many? I’d like to show these videos to my brother-in-law by putting them on dvd but like I said, these streams are preventing me from doing so.

Look at this

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and feel free to search or surfing this thread

[url=http://www.gaki-no-tsukai.com/board.php?boardid=13:3a5fxdih]Troubleshooting and Help[/url:3a5fxdih]

Pls post such questions in the troubleshooting and help section and state also which Software you use.

Thanks. I should have looked around before making this. I knew someone would have run into the same problem, but they took a different approach.