Razor Ramon Sumitani Hard Gay

[b:15efq3hp]Razor Ramon Hard Gay[/b:15efq3hp] (レイザーラモンHG ,Reiz Ramon HG?, occasionally HG, Razor Ramon Sumitani or just Hard Gay) is the performing name of Masaki Sumitani (住谷正樹 ,Sumitani Masaki?), a Japanese comedian, wrestler and tarento (“talent”). His act gained national attention and popularity when featured on the BakushM Mondai no Bakuten! (Daibakuten) Saturday variety show on TBS Television in Japan, in 2005.

If the name makes you think this is porn… You couldn’t be more wrong, sir. THIS IS NOT PORN. Hard Gay is a Japanese comedian who is, to put it mildy, totally fucking sweet.


If you love Gaki no Tsukai, you’re gonna find Hard Gay HILARIOUS !! :D:smiley:

A MUST-SEE! You can begin with the Yahoo episode, or the social improvement or the TOMY one, do as you want ;)

This is a serie i watched before Gaki xD. I can’t remeber how many times i just watched it with some unsuspecting friends and cryed out from laughing xD

its good but in highschool his shoot sucked.