****READ THIS FIRST: regarding requests****


This section is intended for asking for a video to be subtitled or asking for a subtitle for a particular Gaki-related video.

[b:1h3wcnrc]We ask you to be respectful and patient in your requests.[/b:1h3wcnrc]

Subbing is a hard, exhausting process which take a lot of time depending on the lenght of the video — Gaki videos are often 1 hour+, up to 4hours+

Keep in mind that we are fans just like you and that we have our real life.

Thank you ;)

i dont know if im in the right thread…

could someone please sub this video?


thank you very much…


can i have all the episodes\videos in torrent please?


Ignore this comment please! ;)

Hi, I was wondering if you’re going to sub the shichi henge series, i love it, but sadly can’t understand it, if there are some subbed already please do share ;)