Rendezvous Game Special featuring Guests (2017.07.17)

It’s actually a rip from daily motion, thought I share this with you:

Thank you! Do you have the dailymotion link too?

Here are daily links:
Part 1 : [url:we5amtuy][/url:we5amtuy]
Part 2 : [url:we5amtuy][/url:we5amtuy]

Thanks! I just wanted to know if their channel had more but I can’t navigate through it lol. Thanks for the combined one-part file (=

You’re very welcome!

I don’t know if there is a channel that constantly uploading gaki.
I usually get the latest episode by searching on youtube or dailymotion using "ガキの使い" keywords, mostly Low Quality version though.

Thank you very much for the link, but unfortunately it seems some scenes are being cut, especially at the end. Still fine to watch though.

Oh I didn’t realize that, you’re right!
It’s when Endo and Hosei arrived at amusement park.
You can watch it here [url:1pj5i7vs][/url:1pj5i7vs] at around 30:53

That was good! hope they do more sp eps! :clap:

Full 1 hour episode on Dailymotion

And the last 13 minutes

Special Edition
[hide:e4r2g94o]ガキの使い特別版 絶対に集合しなくてはいけない! スマホなしで待ち合わせSP!TV9RWIxT

[attachment=0:e4r2g94o]Gaki_170717_Rendezvous Game[/attachment:e4r2g94o][/hide:e4r2g94o]