Req: Yamasaki's Emotional Talk (Name Change etc.) 2013.03.24


Yamasaki talks with a senior [url=]rakugo[/url:1djr5q6u] about why he decided to [url=]become a rakugo himself[/url:1djr5q6u] (and as a result graduate to gain the title of Tsukitei from his rakugo master Tsukitei Happo). I believe he talks about his career as Yamasaki Hosei (I think I hear "Moriman Taiketsu", Moriman VS?) and circumstances around his decision alongside mentions of input from Downtown and Koji Higashino (just what I gathered from Google Translating so maybe innacurate). The senior gives him some words of advice. Tsukitei gets emotional and begins crying. I believe the next day Tsukitei has such a bad hangover he can’t remember all the details though :rofl:
Since we can’t read Yamasaki’s book [url=]"Why I became a rakugo"[/url:1djr5q6u], I was thinking this clip, could be the closest to getting an insight straight from Yamasaki himself. :) Plus the seniors words to him seem quite relevant. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could translate what is being said.[/b:1djr5q6u] For the subber, info on the video:
[hide:1djr5q6u]I ripped a "HD" video from Youku but the audio seemed warped with echo and moments of digital noise, so I spliced in audio from a different source, I think it syncs OK though. [b:1djr5q6u]EDIT:[/b:1djr5q6u] Added in Tsukitei's introduction by Koji Higashino at the start since I was thinking maybe its saying more about the name change (e.g. Tsukitei Happo -> Tsukitei Hosei) and then I cut everything else from the episode (the senior rakugos introduction and them travelling to places together) until the talk at the end. Thought without knowing Japanese I don't know if the cutting makes sense dialogue wise or not, I can edit back in parts if relevant. here it is without the intro:

I offer to help where I can with timing/typeseting (I'm not experienced but have played around in Aegisub and know how to do the simple stuff like transparency, line breaks, coloring, positioning etc.).[/hide:1djr5q6u][size=150:1djr5q6u][url=][/url:1djr5q6u][/size:1djr5q6u]
(Youtube seems to refuse to pick up the fact it has a higher resolution and is stuck at 480p, so the ZippyShare file should be higher quality).

This is actually just parts of a 45 minute episode clipped together that featured him and the senior Yonesuke.
The full episode:[/size:1djr5q6u]
[hide:1djr5q6u]It's a variety show where he as the "new rakugo" (aged 45, 26 years in the industry, rakugo work since 2008) from the West (Kansai region) and the senior as the "old rakugo" (Yonesuke ヨネスケ, aged 65, 47 years in the industry) from the East (Kanto region) traveled to different places together (a very funny bit with a bunch of donkeys at a safari park for example, later imitating what the animals looked like at the dinner table) whilst occassionally commenting to the camera about each other. Would be awesome if the rest was translated of course but even just this talk at the end would be amazing to understand better.

(How to download from Youku or FC2 viewtopic.php?f=13&p=38887 )

[size=150:1djr5q6u]Recent "Reason for Name Change / Rakugo Work" Articles:[/size:1djr5q6u]
On a related note heres some articles which I think offer further insight:
[hide:1djr5q6u]Article from March 21st that I think has some short excerpts from his book such as talking of experimenting with different things to be qualified in alongside comedian work maybe as backup (Google Translate: "trepidation against the violent ups and downs of show business"), before studying and graduating in comedy storytelling (rakugo). Such as learning English, piano, game creation, PC (I guess thats I.T.), psychology (I think his Wiki page says he had the idea to open a clinic alongside his entertainment activities before deciding in the 4th year of study that he wasn't suited for psychology) etc. "There was also a temporary aiming at chairman of Yoshimoto New Comedy". Again just a vague idea from Google Translating though so may be innacurate. I wonder what level of English he studied up to. ... 77-san-ent

Another article March 16th about the decision to move from Tokyo to Osaka (when I look at TV guide websites it seems both regions Tokyo/Kanto & Osaka/Kansai receive different broadcasting / TV opportunities, e.g. this program was only on in the Kansai area I think, though some shows like Gaki seem to be on both, and I guess there might be more rakugo stage work there) and something about the entertainment industry (Google Translate: "decline of the television industry in recent years has quite shocked Tsukitei who experienced the heyday of variety shows"):

As an aside, I read that Yamasaki experienced a sudden up & down early in his career before. Back when he first became a solo comedian after being in the Team-0 duo. Though he later turned it into a funny story to tell after he felt inspired by the resolve of a pug dog on a animal show in a boss fight with a St. Bernard.
Re-enactment on a talk show:

He seems to be doing OK on TV though just from looking at a TV guide website. As a semi-regular on shows like Puri Puri, Marco Polori, Akko ni Omakase etc., appearing on shows like this one, sometimes co-hosting on others, of course a regular on Gaki too. So seems to end up on TV multiple times weekly at the moment. But thats from a foreigners perspective looking in and rakugo does seem like a good choice as a backup for a sense of security. Plus he seems to really be enjoying it (from his Wiki page Google Translated: "hours listening to rakugo storytellers for me was 'Bliss', to become a rakugo performer that can provide to the audience moments of bliss like that myself"). But stage work isnt recorded/uploaded as much online so I look forward to his future TV work ;)[/hide:1djr5q6u]
Anyway again, MAJOR thanks to anyone who feels they could translate this, it was touching to watch without subtitles but of course much more informative knowing what was said. :(

It would be great to see this get subbed. I’m very curious to learn more about the name change. Thanks for putting this together, soudou!

My Japanese is not that good but I believe when Hosei-san was explaining that many people do not believe in him when he wanted to do Rakugo then Yune-san asked what is Downtown opinion and that’s when Hosei-san broke down and cried. He says that Downtown was supportive of his plan. Not sure if I heard it right.

Nice find soudou! ;)

Isn’t it true that he changed only his staged name? And is it due to respect the person that got him into TV ?

[quote="Fengson":2jposnz6]Isn’t it true that he changed only his staged name?[/quote:2jposnz6]

His birth name is Yamasaki Hōsei, his ‘professional’ name after rakugo graduation is Tsukitei Hōsei (for both stage and TV). But pretty much he is now Tsukitei Hōsei, so Yamasaki is not used, unless you’re Downtown of course :P The rest of the world know him as "Tsukitei Hōsei", "Hōsei-san", "Hōsei-kun" etc.
It is similar to Shōhei Shōfukutei (of police batsu "Shōhei-Hey!" fame), he is a rakugo artist so that is actually a professional name, Shōhei’s birth name is something like "Hiroshi Toshi".

[quote:2jposnz6]Many popular Japanese comedians originally trained as rakugo apprentices, even adopting stage names given to them by their masters. Some examples include Sanma Akashiya, Tsurube Shōfukutei, and Shōhei Shōfukutei.[/quote:2jposnz6]

Hōsei’s rakugo teacher (master) was Tsukitei Happo, which is why he adopted the name Tsukitei Hōsei. Here they are together at his graduation press conference :)


Another apprentice of Happo he became friends with during studies and thereafter is Tsukitei Hakko (pictured on the left below). He’s also friends with Katsura Sando (pictured on the right below),"[url=]Katsura is the name of one of the biggest groups in rakugo world, and all of Sanshi’s apprentices’ names start with Katsura."[/url:2jposnz6]. Together they’ve been making an effort to promote rakugo. :)


[quote:2jposnz6]And is it due to respect the person that got him into TV ?[/quote:2jposnz6]
Sorry, I’m not sure who you mean?

Like Downtown, he joined Yoshimoto’s NSC (New Star Creation) school and teamed up with Hiromitsu Noriyasu to form the Team Zero duo. They started off performing at the 2-Chome theater in Osaka which was broadcast on TV. At the same theater were Downtown, the two Kojis and various other Japanese comedians known today. Team Zero moved to Tokyo and at one point won a Comedy Newcomers award. About 3 months after their move, Downtown also moved to Tokyo and started the Gaki no Tsukai series which Team Zero appeared on as occasional guests at first. But Hiromitsu Noriyasu wanted to become a film director so Team Zero disbanded and he became a solo comedian from then on. The rest is history~ :D

The Gaki crew i have notice still call him Zaki-san or Yama-chan. As they are his nick names. So it seems to be OK.

Very informative, thanks, soudou!

[quote="Dearka":17wdv6c6]The Gaki crew i have notice still call him Zaki-san or Yama-chan. As they are his nick names. So it seems to be OK.[/quote:17wdv6c6]

Actually I think Hōsei (e.g. -san, -kun etc.) is now his "informal" name. Cocorico often used to call him Zaki-san but they typically call him Hōsei-san now. It’s become the status quo on other shows too. I think Downtown are the exception to the rule that Hosei allows because of their long history, it’s kinda cute. :D

Case in point: Matsumoto doesn’t even use a nickname, he uses "Yamazaki" still. :rofl:
Hamada is the one who uses "Yama-chan" a lot. Back during the costume talk episode about his name change/book, you can hear Hamada in the background whine "But… ‘Yama-chan’…" :lol:

[b:17wdv6c6]Longer ramble:[/b:17wdv6c6]
[hide:17wdv6c6]Itao also called him Yamazaki though recently which was funny since he was the first person on the show to call him Tsukitei, guess it was a slipup.

On a recent karaoke contest, Rola was one of the judges and kept calling him "Yamazaki", so he kept saying "Tsukitei ne?". After Rola the next judge also called him Yamazaki and he said "Tsukitei just isn't getting through huh…" (audience laughs). To an extent I think it's probably important for his career to not be dismissed with the old status quo of solely being the TV personality "Yamazaki".

At the end of the day though Downtown did offer encouragement in his decision to become a rakugo for which he was deeply grateful for so naturally there's nothing in it, just old habits die hard. He talked of Downtown's habit on a rakugo show but I never got to watch it since it was a Kansai-only show (only read the TV summary) :( I feel it kinda shows how close Downtown and Hosei are though. :)

In a way, I think he's still rather laidback about his name, because he lets people use the easier to pronounce "Hōsei", even if it could be seen as informal to use his first name. On Twitter everyone, even random people, call him Hōsei-san now.[/hide:17wdv6c6]