[Request for Video] Gaki Health Presentation?

I love this site. Before, we would have to scavenge youtube or other streaming sites for bits n pieces of this great series, but now it’s all in one place.

youtube use to have links for the subbed version of the health presentations where the cast would go research a health topic then have to present it to the rest of the group. it was pretty funny but it has long been removed from all streaming media sites.

this is the episode: [url:1ln8llky]http://www.veoh.com/collection/macmahoman-gcg/watch/v14943764WnJkAZ7C[/url:1ln8llky]

That one is not subbed though. i remember clearly there was a subbed one as i watched it before long time ago on youtube. Thanks!

I just watched this with no sub on YT, and yeah, this is one of the earliest Gaki episode to be subbed but I don’t think anyone had ever backed it up before YT took it down years ago.

[quote="conceptv":1nko6vp6]this is the episode: http://www.veoh.com/collection/macmahom … 64WnJkAZ7C[/quote:1nko6vp6]


On behalf of Bricktop07