Request Subbed for Absolutely Tasty Series

I like the Absolutely Tasty Series…but most of them are subbed like Pizza,Omochi,Tempura,Pasta,Rice…but other than that are none.

Plz sub the Absolutely Tasty Series like Chawanmushi…

Some are actually subbed check or zurui.blogspot.con for these

Half of Zettai Oishi is already subbed. That’s more than how many you can hope for in a non-Batsu series. I’m going reassure you that the rest will eventually get subbed.

thanks for the hard work guys, anyone knows if the Natto episode is subbed? I want to watch it so bad, it seems soo funny but sadly i don’t understand Japanese :x

I think Natto is the kikki series not Absolutely tasty. I don’t think it’s been subbed.