[Request] Team Fight

I was wondering if anyone has the team fight challanges its seems the user on youtube who had all them listed has been suspended. Its seem near impossible to find them now

heres a preview


Wow i never saw this before. It looks very funny !

maybe if you had shared this with the community before that youtube user had been suspended, someone could’ve preserved them somewhere else already.

theres a whole bunch on [url=http://www.youtube.com/user/gakiAkanji2:1mqph0p5]here[/url:1mqph0p5], it might be all of them infact

Hey Reina thank you very much this is awesome! :D

Hey Kyon i had only found the thread with the suspended links while searching for these videos here myself, the account was already suspended unfortunately. :unsure:

I captured all of the videos on the first youtube account. At first glance I think all of them are on the new account as well, and a few more.

Edit: Seems it’s just one new episode, and the rest is the same that was on the first account. Many episodes are still missing.