Requesting to Help a Translator! (I can time)

I’m looking to help a Translator that is too lazy to time videos by him/herself. I can do anywhere from 5-30 of the timing in a video a day. Summer is winding down so it will most likely be on the higher sad of that since I am done applying for colleges and with all my vacations.

So if anybody would l like for me to time a video I would be happy to do it, I just can’t translate it, that’s up to you! I can color it as well if you’d like, but that is just an extra option.

Send me a message or post here. I’ll try to get on everyday to see if I’ve gotten any nibbles.

Unfortunately I dont think you’ll get to help anyone…most subbers here, it seems like,either dont like help from people or they have enough help or love doing it themselves. shrugs

I’ve tried this before here and didn’t get anything.

Yea i’d like to help them get videos done faster but they dont seem to care. But good luck with that. 8)

It’s not so much lack of care, more so that all sides are covered. Both timers and translators are labeled as subbers so you might not see a difference but both are around, then there are those who do it for the practice so they do as much as possible alone.
The major parts of the slow process is lack of free time to work on it though.
There are quite a few new people who have shown up that might appreciate the help though. I also find timing to be the worst thing so if I pick up a new project later on I might come around to ask.

sure i wouldnt mind helping someone out or you can let BNelson help out.

Haha or we could both help out to make the process as fast as possible. I guess since most people are covered I’ll just start timing some Gaki Vids that I would like to see subbed and post the timings here, hopefully for someone to complete later down the road :D

yea it would be awesome to get these vids done faster to watch…i wish someone would sub the episodes.

i have summer vacation from my teaching job coming up. I may take a shot at some translating, i can time and color myself… but it is a pain in the ass so i wouldn’t mind some help. I happen to enjoy the murakami episodes a lot so i’ll probably start with one of those. Gojinki is my buddy, and although i have’n’t discussed it with him yet, he can probably help me do some translating as well so, maybe as a team we can churn out some translations for the community this coming month.

Thanks Kyon - The translation is the only big deal. Everything else can be done by any one of us. Try, since you have the time, to translate as much as you can and make special files for each thing (to keep things organized). We can time them later ;)

Aye I can help, I have confidence in my skills and school doesn’t start before september so free time I have too.

I have studied Japanese for 2 years now and have been thinking on trying to sub some episodes. I can translate but I can’t do the subbing part. I can maybe try to learn but are to lazy ^^. I haven’t learned many kanji so that might be a problem but i can always try to look them up on the internet.

I’m am willing to time and color for anyone who would like me to as long as you have the downloadable episode for me :D. So kyon or venom, I’d be willingn to help either of you, just at separate times :P

So kyon if you have the video that you’d like me to time for you post it here and Hopefully I’ll have all the timing done before you get off of your teaching job.

And venom if you have the video that you’d like to be timed, I’m sure either after I’m done with Kyon’s I can work on it, or maybe Projekt or Gojinki can start on yours at the same time.

oh yea and if anyone wants to see my subs go to Silent Library 2008 i did a sub on that off of someone elses translation…only took a couple hours, since i like precision and all.

I also was working on 24 Hour Tag Subs, but before I could finish them HomelessBrian Released His. If anyone would like to see my unfinished work you can download the sub file here
>> [url:13fu6yzn][/url:13fu6yzn]

The subs are not complete but I believe I did about 45 Minutes worth of subs. I try to be as accurate as possible with the timing :D

Happy to report that within a weeks time I timed and colored a 24 minute video for Kyon!

Once he is done subbing it I will post my copy as an example of my work. I’m not going to post the DL link until he is done with it because he asked for it first and I do not want anyone he doesn’t want working on it doing so :D

I am now in the process of subbing a video I was working on before Kyon’s request! No subber has asked for it, however it is a part of the Absolutley Tasty series. Hopefully once I finish timing it and get it up here, a subber will take it and finish it off!

I don’t know if you are still looking to help with timing, but I saw on zurui’s blog that he’d like help with timing the subs for Ashita Ga Arusa (tv series with most of the gaki crew). Maybe you could contact him? ... arusa.html

I know that I for one would love to see this subbed ;) :D

I can use some help!!! I’m currently working on one Absolutely Tasty right now, and would like to work with Lincoln subbing! But my biggest problem is timing!!!

[quote="wingslats":x5dqsm21]I can use some help!!! I’m currently working on one Absolutely Tasty right now, and would like to work with Lincoln subbing! But my biggest problem is timing!!![/quote:x5dqsm21]
Umm i might be able to help…ive subbed a video before…the Silent Library 2008 if you wanna check it out viewtopic.php?f=23&t=179&start=15

Ive never really timed before without the translation before hand but i can give it a try…
Get back at me if you want my help. Ive got alot of free time.