Restaurant Scene - Matsumoto chef de cuisine

Astounding quality


maybe its just me, and even tho she doesn’t speak much is this bit, but i love that girls voice. something about it. even though she usually just screams in all the bits she’s in. but still, when she actually talks Ezo likes alot 8)

I kinda know what you mean! Her voice sorta has that anime girl vibe to it. And I liiiike.

Isnt that lady an actress? I could have sworn I have seen her in some movies. Like the one where the mom abandoned the kids. I have a terrible memory when it comes to names.

You mean the lead vocal of Fairchild? :D


She is “YOU”


cool! thanks for the link infimum. song is very chill. and after seeing it, Ezo likes her even more. i’ll have to check out more of her stuff.

and Kimochi, i think you might’ve nailed it, even though i don’t watch too much anime.

video doesn’t exists anymore due to copyright

I wish I’d seen it.

I really should dl these youtube eps before they get taken down by the MAN.

Found it subbed!