S[adist] or M[asochist]???

S or M?

  • S!
  • M.
  • SUPER S!
  • Super M…
  • Both/A combination
  • Neither
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Hello everyone! I think this is the first topic I’ll be creating here (so, if it is in the wrong spot/inappropriate, please feel free to move/delete). ^_^

So, we all know that Downtown really popularized the "S" and "M" way of categorizing people (in a non-sexual way, of course). I was curious: Out of those of us on the forum, which category do you think that you fall into?

Personally, I think that I am generally S, but I tend to have M moments, depending on who I’m with/what I’m doing. When I’m with my close friends, though, I am often Super S…though in a very subtle way, haha, so I’m not sure exactly how that would be categorized.

Maybe, in the end, I’m mostly S with a little M thrown in for variety. :lol:

So, how about everyone else? ;)


Well, I think I’m in a similar situation. I think I enjoy being a super S, specially around my friends or when having dark thoughts when I’m angry XD… but, I actually tend to be a real M when it comes to serious matters, I’m the clasical doormat ñ-ñ;