Sadist Hamada...Dont Wake Up...

Its a 3 part series i found on youtube but it isnt subbed and is funny to watch.

Links Please?

I think it’s this one:

[url=]Hamada - Sleep Endurance[/url:3j7ps9fh]

Yeah its that one, its super funny but id love to know what theyre saying… Hamada and his sadistic nipple pinching ways. XD

I’m working on that right now… the thing is just that I just got a new computer and copied all files from the old computer that I wanted to keep, but the hardware I copied it to is for some reason not working anymore.

Don’t really know what to do… will make it work at some point! :)

you rock outlaws!
take your time

Yeah take your time, its much appreciated.

Just curious on the progress. I would love to see this done.

Yeah I’d love to see this subbed :D

Part 1

Part 2 ... re=related

Enjoy :]

Hamada is too freaky and kinky O.o he scares me now

oh my god that was so funny thanks for subbing this