Scary story


Dammn…What would happend if he had said “yes”…

LOOl , I love downtown talk soo much ! you guys should put special forum for Downtown talk , a forum next to thos like gnt ya arahende and batsu game …;)

Oww, this is really strange and scary :D You can tell this story in all languages… I will tell it my friends :D

very nice video gj

as the title says… just enjoy?


hahaha~ thats scary~ :D

Video no longer available :pinch:

Wow that sounds so freaky!!!

true , deleted video

alfred49 posted a working link here:

[url=]Scary story[/url:25yp4gb7]

and thanks to whoever subbed this!
it was a good one!

:scared: Very creepy… will be telling friends this story :phone:

Hah near the end at the bottom right corner, some girl hits her friend Hamada style.

[quote:36bakm2w][i:36bakm2w]Originally posted by insanepipe[/i:36bakm2w]
Hah near the end at the bottom right corner, some girl hits her friend Hamada style.[/quote:36bakm2w]

I noticed that too, and was wondering “Wait, do all Japanese do that or is it just Hamada?”

^lol, I know a lot of people who hit like that in Japan, Hamada’s not the only one haha.

^ you’re right. That is a sort of common action in Japan.

Anyway, I have no idea what to do with this thread. This has already been reposted, and in the actual section (Downtown manzai). I’m just going to wait for the other mods to deal with this :P

I noticed that too because I went to the other thread before and throught, “Hey, didn’t I already post on this thread”? I thought it was De ja vu or something lol.

Hopefully I did some justice with moving it and integrating it with the other one.

[FONT=arial]Holy crap … O.O I bet that guy was pretty shocked when he saw the policeman on TV, he was pretty lucky not to have said yes. I’m definately telling my friends about this story[/FONT] :clap: