Sewing Contest

Gaki no Tsukai Episode 875, Aired on 2007.10.21.

The Gaki members and guest challenge each other to a Sewing Contest… each contestant is given a pattern or symbol that they have to sew on to there t-shirts… there design’s will be revealed and the sewing champion will be decided at the end of the show.

Video Link: [url:1xlflosq][/url:1xlflosq]

I really liked this episode, I dont know why, but I did. Wish I knew who the 3 guests were.

I think the best part was “I think we’re alone now” playing in the background lol

Seen that a long time ago!
Even though i dont understand it, i still love to watch it…
Thanks for this nice reminder :)

Oh god Vealchops, I love your avatar, its hilarious knowing how Hamada and Matsumoto act normally.

Great video. I recognize the Caucasian looking guy. I think he was in a Godzilla movie from the 90s. Maybe the King Ghidorah one but I’m not sure.

For anyone who’s interested… the three guests are :
Chuck Wilson (who played a role in Gozilla vs. King Ghidorah),
Koichi Wajima (a retired professional boxer) and
George Takahashi (singer and actor)

[quote:3brdxi75][i:3brdxi75]Originally posted by SpikeBender[/i:3brdxi75]
Oh god Vealchops, I love your avatar, its hilarious knowing how Hamada and Matsumoto act normally.[/quote:3brdxi75]

I agree, Vealchops’ avatar definately has some bom chicka wah wah going on ;)

I had a feeling they would save Hamada til the end. :pinch: Poor Tanaka got dissed at the end.

Here’s the episode in Pandora and Megaupload.



Thank you Spike for uploading all of these episodes to MU.


love this episode, it’s gorgeous. a group of grown men sitting around sewing. lol. and surprisingly creative!

Endou FTW! My vote anyway. I swear I’ve seen Chuck Wilson in a few American movies, but his IMDB filmography doesn’t list them.

Who is Jack Wilson fella?
Damn, Hamada’s giraffe was sooo bad.

The derpy face that Hamada’s giraffe is making is pretty awesome. And Tanaka’s looked the best to me. It’s just a pity that he got the character completely wrong. Such a cute episode!