Sharam Q

I’m a huge fan of the band Sharam Q.
They’ve appeared on HeyHeyHey a lot in the 90s but sadly can’t find any videos of it.

Being know as the highly skilled producer of Morning Musume and other Hello Project artists, vocalist Tsunku proves he still knows how to sing at the end of the Hotel man batsu game singing a Gaki no Tsukai version of their old song [url=]Single Bed[/url:1xc5ksv9]

If you’re a fan of anime like I am you might recognize the opening song of Sorceror Orphen [url=]Kimi wa majutsushi ka?[/url:1xc5ksv9]

My personal favorite though is [url=]Iiwake[/url:1xc5ksv9]