Shocking Confession Memory Spa

Hi there, I had some free time last night and decided to play with iMovie app that came with my mac and I had never touched. Instead of doing tutorial things, I thought making subtitles might be a good practice. So I did on one of everyone’s favorite TV programs. It is a short series from Gaki called SHOUGEKI KOKUHAKU OMOIDE RYOKAN. The translation should be something I put in the subject. I’m about to post the subbed video clip, but where is the best site to host videos for FANPAGE users? It seems like VEOH is being done. Could anyone recommend?



If you plan on being nice and setting up a streaming link I’d suggest Dailymotion other than that I guess megaupload download link is good enough.

To answer your question, HARAKIRI, the best place to post now would be dailymotion, like gojinki said. Then again, you could try Youtube and risk getting blocked/banned or whatever. I don’t know if Veoh is really available for uploading…

I remember seeing this particular series somewhere else on the forum, but it didn’t have subtitles, so I decided not to watch it. I’m looking forward to your upload!

Thank you gojinki and loopyom. I will make an account on dailymotion and put a link here later today.

[quote:2u2vt8c8][i:2u2vt8c8]Originally posted by gojinki[/i:2u2vt8c8]
If you plan on being nice and setting up a streaming link I’d suggest Dailymotion other than that I guess megaupload download link is good enough.[/quote:2u2vt8c8]

But if you upload a movie file to megaupload, it will automatically put a link on the download page to megavideo so you can watch it online. That way you can watch it without having to download it but if you want to download it you can.

Oh, thanks. I will check out megaupload too.

Here we go:


Please ignore the fancy effects at the beginning and ending. Like I said, I was doing this to learn a movie app.

By the way, it took me good 6 hours to make subtitles on the 6 min movie clip. I know it was my first time, and the app is not really made for making subtitles, but give some credit for those who are working on hours of movie.

Any suggestions or corrections are welcomed. I might do some more if you guys like it. Keep me motivated. ;p

Thx - I like it - good work. It would be nice to see more.

Eh nice work there, thank u :D :D :D


Great Job! This is one of those bits that absolutely needs to be subbed. The jokes they’ve got in this series are so odd, but are hilarious nonetheless. MOAR PLOX

If you dont mind, could you also put it on Mediafire or Megaupload? Some people may want to download it. Great work! Keep up the good work.

good job dude keep up

thank you very much for the subs

It’s is marvalous to see many new subber joining the forums.

I really like your subbing but i also have a tip: Don’t use fade for all the subs. I kind of had a hard time reading all the subs because the were disappearing too fast.

Just try it out^^


The fade subtitles is default with the app I used. Though I could have turned it off each time I put sentence, I was lazy enough not to. I need to find a good app to make more. I will upload the file somewhere later for you guys who want to download.

I’ve never seen a shocking confession memory skit before. Obviously, it wouldn’t be any good without subtitles (for non-Japanese speakers). So, I really hope you or others are able to sub and upload more.

Endo’s story-telling didn’t seem very good. Perhaps he didn’t remember the movie very well.

excellent subs, keep up the good work.

Thanks! Good subs I look forward to more.

Awesome work! Keep it up!

I’ve never heard of this segment before, it was too funny!
Thanks so much for subbing, and for your hard work!!

(There were a couple typos here and there, but it didn’t detract from being able to understand it, or anything. I’m not complaining by any means, just giving you a heads up :) )