Show with japanese counter words ( 助数詞 )


I’m desperately trying to find a short clip I’ve seen years ago. It was some kind of game show where the cast was taking turns to count the most ridiculous/hard to count things with the appropriate counter word. If my memory serves correctly, they were sitting on some kind of merry-go-round which only gave them a small time frame to get every counter word correctly.
Unfortunately I can’t remember anything about the cast, but I’m quite positive by now, that it doesn’t have to do anything with Downtown or the other regular cast, because if so, I think I would’ve found it by now.

I really hope someone knows what I’m talking about and can provide some information on this or even a link to a video.

Thanks a lot in advance!

That sounds familiar. Could it be this segment featuring the London Boots duo?


*EDIT: I can’t dig up much else, but I remember this segment! There were many videos on Veoh some time ago, but it appears that this is now the only one remaining.

Some of the other videos featured punishment by a round in the ring with a professional sumo wrestler.

This video features [color=#FFFFFF:3bvwlepg]a tug-of-war over a zen garden filled with flour[/color:3bvwlepg].

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Thanks alot!

It should definitely be out of this segment, so I will try to find more of it.

KW here. Another little golden nugget found right here, in these very forums! :lol:


This clip features the bombastic Egashira 2:50 as one of the players in a motorbike gang setting (pompadours included!) AND the punishment of [color=#FFFFFF:3k5pvdc3]a round in the ring with a professional sumo wrestler[/color:3k5pvdc3]!