Shuji to Akira 2005/10/31 [English Subbed]

[BNS][Heyx3] 2005/10/31 - Shuji to Akira
Production Number: 14
JE Cast: Shuji to Akira
Date Released: 2006/06/14

Translator = Cyn (luvnickie)
Additional translations = Ju (blissmiracle); jodyn
Timing/Encoding= jodyn
QC = Ju (blissmiracle)
Special thanks to: Ling (wribbit) and Char (p-chan)

Subtitles: English



I’d say the jap dorama where they (Yamapi and Kamenashi) starred in is actually good. The dorama is titled [b:1tciubya]Nobuta wo produce.[/b:1tciubya] The girl in the dorama is Horikita Maki, a very good and pretty actress.

danks for the subbed video!!! love it!!!