Silent Library - Compilation (Subbed)

[b:2golffy0]Silent Library - Compilation[/b:2golffy0]


Subtitles: Hard-subbed, by DTFS







pass = papasemut

[b:2golffy0]Torrent link[/b:2golffy0]


all rapidshare links are broken

[quote:4qaijzz7][i:4qaijzz7]Originally posted by Senkun[/i:4qaijzz7]
all rapidshare links are broken[/quote:4qaijzz7]

I lol’d


Yes the RS links are down. Thanks for the information :)

200mb Mirrors

thanks for the RS mirror

– Fixed. Thanks for the mirrors, greatfire02.

very thanks you so much~ :clap:
i really love this show~

Thanks a bunch! I love silent library .

Extra Megaupload Mirrors:

[url:19gdtfyv][/url:19gdtfyv] - Part 1
[url:19gdtfyv][/url:19gdtfyv] - Part 2
[url:19gdtfyv][/url:19gdtfyv] - Part 3
[url:19gdtfyv][/url:19gdtfyv] - Part 4
[url:19gdtfyv][/url:19gdtfyv] - Part 5
[url:19gdtfyv][/url:19gdtfyv] Part 6

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Here’s the link to where you can DL SILENT LIBRARY subbed…

[url=]Silent Library[/url:336vqtua]

Hope to help…


Does anyone think or wish that the Downtown guys would go to the US and play MTV’s version of Silent Library? I would love to see that! :D

I have re-upload into mediafire
only part 1 has password which is [b:1f5yanxa]papasemut[/b:1f5yanxa]

here the mediafire folder

Thanks for your contribution ;)

I have the Gaki no Tsukai Famous Series: Silent Library video. I don’t know if it’s the same thing as this, but I just wanted to know if anybody was aware of what DVD it’s on and when it was released?

:pinch: Any help would be appreciated.

downloading now…
thank you very much~ :*

Sorry can I get a little help? Everytime I try to unzip the files, it asks me to insert a disk! what do I do? :( A little help, pretty please?

[quote="GhostBunny18":2uczbp3a]insert a disk![/quote:2uczbp3a]

Are you sure that it’s not asking you for an additional part of the .rar file? They commonly are numbered *.r00, *.r01, etc.

Depending on what you unzipped, if you have a .bin & .cue file in that folder then it’s expecting you to burn a copy of the video to DVD or CD.