Silent Library for Apple Devices

Hi everyone.

I have encoded Silent Library (compilation w/ subs) to a universal apple device format.


I would like your feedback.

[u:13wdqf3s][i:13wdqf3s]Please tell me if the video does not work on your Apple Device[/i:13wdqf3s][/u:13wdqf3s]

By the way,

[u:13wdqf3s]Video Provided by: Kanzaki
Subbed by: DownTownFanSubs[/u:13wdqf3s]


  1. Once you’ve downloaded the file go to iTunes
  2. Click File
  3. Click Add File to Library
  4. Go to where you put Silent Library.m4v and select that.
  5. Sync device.

[i:13wdqf3s]Proof it works[/i:13wdqf3s]

Here are some images proving that the video works on apple devices




workd on psp???

It did?

nope it’s m4v didn’t work for me
it needs to be mp4 file (with iphone resolution) then it can work on both iphone itouch ipod and psp …and more

.m4v is the same thing as an .mp4

This video works great on my iPhone 4 and looks fine, as well as my iPod Nano 5th Gen.

Whenever you buy a movie on iTunes it is in .m4v. I think it’s like a universal apple mp4.

Any chance this could be reuploaded on fileserve or somewhere else? I’d love to have this on hand everywhere I go!