Skits with Cocorico (WiP)

I think this is still the Cocorico Miracle Type but I’m not entirely sure. Here are some of the funniest skits in the show. I will post more when I get the time.

If it’s safe to say it now, Tanaka can definitely pull a pretty good gay act :P



haha! i really like it! thanks! oh i want have that background song when they are playing pingpong pretty !

XD, The most gay ping-pong team i have ever seen, and i’m playing table tennis almost 9 years now

Hahaha, this reminds me of another skit where Tanaka cross-dresses lol!

LOL tanaka’s got nice legs xD

[quote:2iizr76o][i:2iizr76o]Originally posted by prinsesa808[/i:2iizr76o]
LOL tanaka’s got nice legs xD[/quote:2iizr76o]

I second that! :shifty: