Sleeping Raccoons.

Fujiwara and some guy pretend to sleep wearing raccoon costumes while the guys torture them.
The uploader thinks they are actually drugged… but we of course know better.
Hope this isn’t a repost. If so, meh.

Part 1:

Part 2:

"This is rather disturbing. Near as I can tell, this game show is about drugging your buddies into a stupor and then messing with them. Inexplicably, they are dressed like a raccoon. "

Lol. Goes to show how much one can interpret something they don’t completely understand.

Yamasaki’s hair, oh my god.

His hair. HIS HAIR!!! My god, thats awful. The sight of Yamazaki’s haircut in these clips will take very expensive therapy to get out of my brain. Ugh, I think I threw up a little in my mouth.

i love how cocorico and other (heheh) are made to go on the roller coaster - and are pleading to get off…

no surprise that tanaka isnt a roller coaster type of guy

YAMAZAKI’S HAIR…WHY!!! Wonder if that water they were dropped in hot or cold? :unsure:
Poor Tanaka… he was gripping that bar pretty tight. lol

its hot water… one of them said “atsui” - hot