Sneak Peek of the Upcoming 2010 Batsu "SPY"

[video:2hawssjn][/video:2hawssjn] (raw)

Thanks to nietzchesass for the link in viewtopic.php?f=12&p=14722#p14722!
AND Shibatabread for the subtitled version!

I see a lot of things we know from thew other batsu games like the bus travel and the spooky thing.
But i think this will be a blast as usual :D

cant wait it looking really good thanks for the video

Thank to nietzchesass for posting that link originally and too iniquiti for posting this thread.

Looks like there are going to be a lot of activities they have to go through and some good old fashioned drawer traps. Also it looked like Chono is going to make an appearance at some point as I saw a clip that looked like Yamasaki getting slapped. Did anyone else notice their break room looks futuristic and more advanced this time. Looks like they busted out all the stops for this batsu game.

At least this time they’ll be doing more spy work than they did as hotel men.

Can’t wait!

DAAAMN i stopped the video after a couple seconds, I TOTALLY WANNA SEE, but i don’t want to spoil anything! hahahahahaha
it looks amazing, though!!! love the hats!!! XD

Hi all.
Here’s the subbed version. ... ughly.html


Thanks Shibata! Its nice to know that this year is also gonna be a six hour show.

ShibataBread, you’re basically my hero.

6:30pm - 6:30am New Year’s Eve in Japan = what time in the US? 1:30am-7:30am Friday morning Pacific?

what time will it start in london?

so hard to click on the link?

(GMT+ 0) London will be at 9:30 am (+ 6 hours to the end. Can u make that math?)
(GMT+ 1) Berlin will be at 10:30 am start
(GMT+ 2) Tallinn/Helsinki will be at 11:30 am

(GMT -5) New York will be at 4:30 am
(GMT -8) L.A. will be at 1:30 am

Great, great stuff! Without audience laughter it also feels different, and I know this is simply because they didn’t show it to the audience yet, but it would be interesting to see the whole thing like that for a change.

My hopes are set high for those new segments, since the usual formula of Bus - Office with Drawer Traps - Conference - Chono Slapping Yamasaki - Spooky Hallways ( they even look almost the same ! ) is growing old.

Hmm is there any way to watch the japanese television from online?

this is awesome news! :clap:

I’m incredibly excited for this. I’m not sure but I think no one was wearing a "special" uniform this time around or maybe I just didn’t notice it. Either way this new batsu seems like a blast. I can’t wait for this one. Also, thanks to the subbing team who will be tackling this. Good luck!

From the preview, it looked like their were dressed like 60’s type spies. The punishers looked like they were stereotypical South American military goons in the camo.

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Thanks for the link to the converter!

I’m so looking forward. I’m not spoiling myself either with the video though. Looking forward to a translation!