So how are you celebrating the new year?

Other than watching the Spy Batsu, that is.

I’m spending it with family. We just made a batch of onigiri with furikake mixed in, and we’re about to start in on some udon and sushi. My mother and I were watching one of the old Batsu games last night, and it got her craving Japanese.

At a wedding then having a party with family. We have fireworks. :)

I’m currently working at this moment until midnight so no countdown for me. But I’ll be drinking (to get drunk) after work.

Just had a few friends over this year.

stuck @ highway with my friends :sweat:
kinda funny though, cos we can see fireworks all over the place lol

I celebrate my new year with full of enjoyment. And I share champagne with my friends so also enjoy and love the party of new year.

I wish I celebrate each New Year somewhere there
And that`s where I actually celebrate it in fact xD