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hey all,

i was just wondering does anyone know the names of the 3 singers in the new 2009 hotel batsu game?

on the first two “dvds”, it featured a female singer and then a male singer…and later on in the batsu game there was another female singer…

does anyone know the names of all three singers?


edit: sorry the 3rd singer was female…

For the third song, see:
[url=]batsu game 2009 Tanaka thai kick song[/url:h5k99ju4]

Found the second song:

Monta & Brothers

[url=]Dancing All Night[/url:mssf0jqb]

Ah took me a while to find the first song:

Ayumi Nakamura

[url=]Tsubasa No Oreta Angel[/url:35ofc2u3]

Wait a minute, the second singer was a guy? I thought it was a really rough looking woman.

wow cool! thanks a lot magus

though it wasn’t asked I’ll put this one down as well lol.

During the intermission in the “play” the song being played was




Honestly that intermission was probably my favorite moment of the Batsu Game.

[quote:37lpeezn][i:37lpeezn]Originally posted by magus10[/i:37lpeezn]
Ah took me a while to find the first song:

Ayumi Nakamura

[url=]Tsubasa No Oreta Angel[/url:37lpeezn][/quote:37lpeezn]

Thats a very good Song :)
YouTube: [url:37lpeezn][/url:37lpeezn]

[quote:11t3akaq][i:11t3akaq]Originally posted by Mike-Sempai[/i:11t3akaq]

[quote:11t3akaq][i:11t3akaq]Originally posted by magus10[/i:11t3akaq]
Ah took me a while to find the first song:

Ayumi Nakamura

[url=]Tsubasa No Oreta Angel[/url:11t3akaq][/quote:11t3akaq]

Thats a very good Song :)
YouTube: [url:11t3akaq][/url:11t3akaq][/quote:11t3akaq]

agreed…especially with the batsu game modified lyrics hahaha

What, she is around 42 years old in that video. Unbelievable :inlove:

can anyone tell me the title of the song when fujiwara arrive with the pink van…

lol I think I’m the to go guy for the music…which is weird but I did a lot of research for the song from Fujiwara’s entrance.


[url=]Ashita he no Tabira[/url:2iy9sxzj]

By I WIsh

Song part in the the Hotel Batsu is one minute into the actual song…but I’m 90% positive this is the song. If not please correct me.

Edit: lol why did no one point out to “Ashit(a)” I missed the end a. Yeah go 10% doubt…and thanks GoN for the link to the full song.

I’ve found the song…

Youtube link:


nice song…^^

i love this part the most =)
good song with awesome lyric :lol:

What about the enka song in bus.
“Sensai” or something like that.
I like enka, someone know who is the singer ? :inlove:

edit : Mori Mosako

I really want Tusbasa no Oreta Angel (Broken Wings Angel) as my ringtone. Anyone got the mp3 by any chance? :D

yup… me too looking for that song… downloading it from ares, but not too good, not many sharing, all day d/l, only 39% complete…

does anyone have that song? can please upload it? :unsure: :unsure:

:clap: :clap:

i got the song already… the original version & the 2008 version…

here’s the link to the 2008 version:

[url=]ayumi nakamura - tsubasa no oreta angel (angel with broken wings) 2008 version[/url:lvqylzua]

i’ll upload the original version soon…

:drool: gaki no tsukai :drool:

here it is…

[url=]ayumi nakamura - tsubasa no oreta angel[/url:2pzsl67q]


  1. original version
  2. 2008 version
  3. lyric

Hi everyone ,

i’ve decided to upload for the fans a song , wich i’m sure more than one person would like to find called Angel in the batsu game.
Is the first song they got to listen when they discover the dvd’s in yamasaki’s desk if i remember well ,

i’ve found it and uploaded just for you all gaki no fans , i hope you will all like it.
for those still wondering the singer’s name is Ayumi Nakamura.


Ps: shibata if you read this thanks again for all your efforts on providing us with excellents subs for our most favourite team of wackos.