Speed Eating Competition

Speed eating competition Gaki crew against Mori?

Not sure if thats her name.She was on Cartoon Kat-Tuns show talking about amongst other things, her ability to put away a large amount of food.
Not sure if shes an actress or singer.

This is her against all five of Gaki and a guest.


I have no idea where the hell she puts all that food and how she’s not a lot bigger than she is.

Here you go… A MU link for this episode:


Putting away a large amount of food is an understatement. Is she a pro eater? Cause she sure ate like one. Wow. Anyone know her full name?

She knows how to consume dang!

That is Gal Sone I believe.
She eats so much and doesn’t seem to gain any weight!

so this weekend i tried to see how much i could eat (considering i’m a 120lb=56kg male) … COMPLETE fail!

i could barely eat the main course after having an appetizer haha - she HAS to be a pro!

What happened when he quit at the end? Everyone was surprised.

Well, with a high metabolism like hers…you can pack all that too…I mean…I’d take gain 10 pounds a year than 10 pounds an day…lol

Hate people with ultra metabolisms. Lucky bastards.

I hate em too…Damn people are just lucky as hell…

yea but what’s even worse is when you USED to have a high metabolism and it just disappears … albeit still being relatively skinny - i now have to watch what i eat.

At least you’re still thin. College was not a very healthy time for me, Im just now getting into the same shape I was in during high school.

I’d like to go up against her