Speed-up your torrent downloads!

This works, I tried it:


I went from 30kbps to 200kbps (Don’t ask me about that crappy speed, I’ve got good reasons :P)

I found a video that made it like 600 Kbps I was like omfg

amusing to say the least. i guess this could help [b:2e4flyr2]some[/b:2e4flyr2] people. FYI utorrent already has a built in function that will optimise your settings to your connection, its not hard to find and does basically everything that guy just did, but for heavy downloads, id suggest changing the settings to what suits you.

how bout vuze? does it come with a built in function as well?

no clue, vuze imo is garbage anyway. uTorrent is all you’ll ever need.

[quote="mushroomparadise":1uxsx7s8]how bout vuze? does it come with a built in function as well?[/quote:1uxsx7s8]

It works with Vuze too.

i can say it speed up a little and the tutorial is easy , so wont hurt try it

A tester moi j’ai juste 67Ko/s (te moque pas)
[tu me passe un Torrent de manga avec 35Mo Ep (si la Qualité est bonne) svp !]

Double digit before and now 253 kbps for me ^_^

uTorrent works fine for me, with build-in optimization, depending Peers I normally got speed between 600 and 900 kB/s

Anyway, thx for your information