Spring Special Manzai from 1989

This is not subbed. I thought I’d post this because it’s their free-talk from 1989 and they still got the same chemistry they do now.



Love the picture from 0:13-0:16 :P

It’s kinda funny to see that they were sex symbols when they were younger. Now, all I see are Lip Monster and Baldy.

I know xD

I just love the fact they have so much chemistry that they are so comfortable with each other.

They’ve been together for over 20 years, I would hope they would have chemistry by now. It’s kinda sad to hear that they are not as close to each other as they appear to be.

I think its great that they are not that close in real life. Being too close may result to being too comfortable with each other to the point that they may no longer recognize personal boundaries and that may lead to future conflicts.

On another note, matsumoto looks really different with hair. XD

Actually, I heard they were quite close to each other for awhile but for some reason broke off after awhile they joined entertainment. I really want to know what happened though, can anyone tell me?