Sub Request for GNT #1028: Beach Ghost Story

Hey, everyone! First of all, I’m new here on the forums so sorry if I’m making any mistakes. I already used the forum to download some episodes and also to read some posts, and I can say that you guys are an awesome community, keep up with this wonderful work! I’ve been watching Gaki No Tsukai for over an year now, and it’s by far the best comedy show (in my opinion) that I’ve EVER seen. As you may have noticed, English is not my primary language, so expect very poor vocabulary and many mistakes, but I’ll try to do my best here, hope you guys understand me. Don’t worry, because I understand 100% of what you say, I’m just not really good at writing :P

I looked almost all over the forum and Google to find this subs, but all that I could find was an unfinished one, originally created by Silver in French and translated to English by MissPlasticFlower. So I’m here to ask, if any of you subbers have some time, please, finish this subs. I’m eager to watch this episode and I believe many people are too, since this is a very important one because it’s where Endo find the girl (I can’t remember her name now) that is mentioned in a Batsu. She even makes an appearence in the Enthusiastic Teachers Batsu Game! And of course, it’s a really fun episode (I almost died laughing watching the first few minutes). So please, PLEEEASE (or should I say pweeeeese? =p), I kindly ask you from my heart: Please, finish this subs. I would gladly do it, but my Japanese is reeeeeally poor by now (I’m learning though).

Once again, sorry for anything. I understand that creating a sub is a really difficult job. If this sub already exists, please send me a link or something, because I can’t find it.
ありがとうございます Thank you for your patience!

Hi Venux, welcome to the forum! Very kind words and I understood you perfectly :D

Here’s the thread for that particular episode:


I think some made plans to complete it but no-one has managed to thus far. It has gotten people curious though so hopefully someday! Anyway giving you a bump since me posting my backlog drowned this thread!