[SUBBED]Angels With Broken Wings starring Endo

I found a video with eng sub thanks to youtube! the original title is Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi. Season 1 Episode 3…i think you should watch whole story because it is good. Endo plays in it but small (naughty) role.
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

[SPOILER]maybe not spoiler lol
Episode 3 - Actress

Nao’s father is a doll maker and wants her to inherit his business. However Nao doesn’t want to be making dolls for the rest of her life and ends up getting kicked out of the house and fleeing to Tokyo. This was two years ago. In Tokyo, Nao gets swindled by someone calling himself a talent scout and keeps failing at auditions. She soon falls into debt and tries to survive by working part time at a night club and holding other extra jobs. Nao wants to be an actress, but becomes very impatient and makes a big error. It is something that even her boyfriend Riku must never know. Then one day, the one person in her whole family who approves of Nao’s goal of becoming an actress suddenly appears in Tokyo: Her grandfather. But, her old senile grandfather even recognizing her is another story…

if you like this story, why not go to the user who uploaded those videos in youtube. there are plenty good videos with eng subs!

ps: i think this forum should create new category for videos that stars Endo and Tanaka as cocorico. what do you guys think so? (i cant create this, i think it can by a mod, right?)