(subbed) Heyx3 Jurassic Park - Amuro, Puffy, MM

Hey guys,
The Morning Musume, Amuro Namie and Puffy ride with Machan and Hamachan.
This was a quick sub, so there maybe some mistakes. Enjoy!


I like how japanese people are so animated. their reactions are like on their animations, especially when they scream. Thanks again Z.

oh my god, thanks

keep the good work :D

thank you!! :)

the full vid has already been subbed, but in old age has fallen off to page 2. viewtopic.php?f=43&t=252
did a good job though and looking forward to see more.

link is dead! Can anyone else post it as veoh?

[quote="Failein":1z4xr9om]link is dead! Can anyone else post it as veoh?[/quote:1z4xr9om]

or you can watch this clip on my blog

Thanks Zurui for sharing!

Damn ! Matsumoto-san is always yelling "KoWai!" LOL
The face of Hamada-san at the end is fricking awesome! XD

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: